The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

Biogas in Yakkabog settlement of Kashkadarya region

The project objective is to demonstrate the possibility of using biogas installation to meet the needs for energy of the rural population. Through realization of the proposed project, another step will be taken towards the implementation of the GEF SGP strategy – demonstration of the possibility and reality of using biogas installations in every region of the country. Until now, the GEF SGP has not demonstrated this technology in Kashkadarya.
The project will carry out the construction and putting into operation of the biogas installation for providing a farm and nearby residents with gas and electricity. With the help of received electric power it is planned to secure the work of the pumping station, which provides the farms in the settlement with irrigation water from the canal, and the pump for drinking water from wells located within the territory of the farm. The farm and 15 neighboring households will be provided with irrigation and drinking water, which will make cash contributions to the farmer's share of funding - the beneficiary and they will also contribute daily to supply the biogas installation with organic raw materials.

The proposed project intends to demonstrate the possibility of using alternative energy sources in order to provide farmers with gas and electricity, reducing emissions of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere at that.

You can see more information about the project from the project document. This project was written in details. It will be interested to read it for those who want to learn about this technology.

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