The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

How effective and profitable is drip irrigation system in cotton growing?

Friends, we welcome all readers of our site and present to your attention one of the interesting projects of the GEF SGP.

As many know, irrigation agriculture is one of the main priorities of agriculture in Uzbekistan, where the main types of cultivated crops are still cotton and wheat, of which cotton is very moisture-loving culture (second after rice) and consumes a lot of water. At the same time, the situation with water resources in the region and throughout the country is very difficult. Year of affluent water increasingly interspersed with dry periods and even droughts. Inefficient and excessive irrigation is the cause of rising groundwater levels and secondary salinization of soils. This problem is present almost everywhere in the Fergana valley, including the Namangan region. Given the growing needs and population growth in the region, effective farming has become important.

The situation with water resources, with the competitiveness of the industry requires a transition from old and irrational practices of irrigated agriculture to the use of new, modern, resource-saving technologies. To achieve sustainability and the effect of agricultural production in many countries with developed agro-complex successfully used modern, highly efficient methods of resource-saving economy.

In this regard, in this project we want to show that the cultivation of cotton with the use of drip irrigation, and the possible use of conservation agriculture, can show excellent economic results. A demonstration and full study of the economic aspects of the transition to cotton cultivation on drip irrigation will be conducted on the lands of the farm "Golib" of the Uichi district, including a comparison of the results of cotton cultivation on drip irrigation with the use of traditional technology and separately with the use of zero-seeding technology.

In fact, with the successful implementation of the project, it can become a breakthrough in the promotion of both drip irrigation technology and No-till technology, because it can fundamentally change the system of agriculture in the country.

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