The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

Pistachio project in Surkhandarya

There are few pistachio plantations in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan, being a perfect place for growing pistachio, is importing it (you can introduce with analysis). We are going to change the situation.

We hope to change the situation with the "dead point" where people in our markets disparage the Uzbek pistachios, describing it as a "small, poor, not tasty," and offering Iran's pistachio instead. GEF SGP is actively helping the development of nut crops in the rainfed areas of the foothills, because this type of land use is most beneficial for these lands from an economic point of view, but most importantly - it is much more beneficial to the environment, in contrast to currently used other land uses (livestock, rainfed wheat, etc).

The activity of the GEF SGP is aimed on the creation of industrial plantations of pistachio in promoting forestry as a business. We will succeed when we can convince everyone that this is a good business. Everything goes from randomly gathering nuts of the pistachio to the randomly survived trees on targeted growing and harvesting of good crop.

A lot of things have been done so far. It all started with the GEF SGP project "Demonstration of an alternative to present methods of land management in arid zones in light of the climate change adaptation needs on the example of a farm in Farish district, Djizzak province” which had a component on trainings farmers, rural population had a great interest in planting of pistachios. Farmers began planting pistachio in the foothills by themselves, as this tree can grow in such conditions, without irrigation, that is, using natural moisture. They create such plantings from seeds of wild pistachios, which means that as a result after 8-10 years old will be small and unopened pistachio nuts. Therefore, the question of creation the matricular plantations of varietal pistachio plantations arose, so that these farmers could get varietal pistachio plantings with large and open pistachio nuts, which will ensure the financial success of this activity.

For further development of the industry, forestry scientists propose a development scheme of nuts in our country through the development of so-called "growth points" - those reference points from which the knowledge on planting and caring for crops will spread. The beauty of this strategy is that it is not need in any big injections from the state budget. Everything will be based on the market - farmers themselves will plant and move this industry to the development. An economic analysis of rainfed nuts is an evidence of its financial impact.

The foundations of the first “growing point”are laid based on the basis of Gallyaral base station in Mirzachul Forest Experiment Station (Gagarin town, Jizzak region) on the basis of existing pistachios plantations. Currently, there is an implemented GEF SGP project on creation of matricular nurseries of inoculative material, which will be sold to farmers who make their pistachio plantations.

This project will create a "growth point" in Surkhandarya region. The project proposal was submitted by the Farmers Association of Surkhandarya region on promotion of pistachio plantations in this area. The project is initiated for these purposes.

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