The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

Project on development of beekeeping in Parkent district

What is the essence of the project? The project is planning to teach beekeeping to 20 locals from mountain settlements of Parkent distrist. It will help them to get one more source of income and probably will contribute to the improvement of the important ecological function, i.e. the pollination of the plants in mountain districts.

The project is also aimed to show that important ecological functions made by biodiversity have an economic cost. This will be demonstrated very simply. One field of lycerne will be pollinated by bees, the other one will not. Both fields, except for pollination by bees, will be tilled equally. Then they will see the difference in harvest and understand how much harvest is associated with pollination made by the bees.

One of the main aspects of this project will also be to prepare the first instruction in Uzbek “Beekeeping for dummies”, which will describe in a simple and understandable language how to deal with beekeeping.

If you have recommendations or advice, we will be glad to receive them.

download project application

download the budget (which is under discussion)