The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

Allegiance is a promising type of agribusiness in Uzbekistan.

Fish is a very tasty and healthy product, but the population of Uzbekistan consumes less of it. Uzbekistan has one of the worst fish shortages. According to the figures, fish consumption in Uzbekistan is about 1 kg per year! The average fish consumption in the world is 18 kg / person per year! Medicine has determined the level of consumption required for the growth of a healthy generation - 12 kg / person / year. How can stress be relieved in a natural fish population and species diversity maintained? How to make fish cheaper and overcome the shortage of the most important social and medical importance in the country? These and other questions were asked by fans of a new direction of agribusiness - intensive aquaculture, in particular, experts who understand the prospects of trout breeding technology.

Three-quarters of the country's population lives in the foothills, which makes up 25 percent of Uzbekistan's territory. Naturally, agriculture has been developed here since ancient times, and the pressure of agricultural production on ecosystems, including land and water resources, is strongest. These areas are located in a climate risk zone that could affect the use of natural resources and consequently the lives of the population. And the technologies most in demand in such conditions are climate-resilient, helping to mitigate the effects of climate change and enabling production in the current environment. Such technologies need to be more flexible and efficient than existing ones in terms of their productivity and savings.

Technologies such as trout farming, which at the same time help to ensure food security, protect the environment and relieve pressure on ecosystems, are of strategic importance and risk.

The project “Demonstrative intensive trout farming as a best practice in the development of fisheries in the foothills and mountainous areas of Uzbekistan in the context of climate change” aims to demonstrate the potential of trout farming in Uzbekistan, high-yield, advanced farming. technology, to facilitate the dissemination of information about technology and to reduce the shortage of trout in the Uzbek market ... PMGEF Uz team and project initiators wish you success in mastering this necessary technology.

Below you will find the project application and project budget:

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In addition to project information, we attach a guide to economic calculations for trout farming and trout farming:

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