The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan


Attention! Volunteers are needed!

The school management wants to solve the problem and show other schools how it can be solved independently.

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Want to know more about climate change?

E-learning to meet the needs of agricultural and food security professionals.

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The premiere of the film

The film turned out to be ours - a kind, full of life twists and turns story about a typical family

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A day without a car - our choice. Velokvest 2015

Every year, on September 22 the World community celebrates - Day without a car. No need to reinvent the wheel in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere! In recent years, many of us have noticed the rising number of cars in the city. It has become difficult to breathe, especially in the afternoon and evening hours.

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“As your heart tells you” or “Keep it up, Kamaliddin!” - feature film about pistachio

Majority of you are aware of many years of efforts the GEF SGP has made in partnership with the local community and private sector initiatives to promote practical technology plantation of pistachio and work on return to the places of historic growth- rained foothills of Uzbekistan.

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State Environmental Fund announces call for proposals financed by the Fund for scientific - research, normative - methodical works, environmental and organizational measures.

In order to ensure timely preparation of this program you should send the application...

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Notification to Civil Society - GEF Expanded Constituency Workshop - September 22 - 24, 2015

The GEF will sponsor the participation of a limited number of civil society representatives from those countries. The GEF financial support includes transportation, hotel stay and per diem.

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Choose between gef and educational organizations to write a PMGEF strategy

Everyone who reads our site is familiar with the activities of PMGEF in Uzbekistan. We gave our first grant in October 2008. This year marks 7 years since we started helping communities across Uzbekistan.

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How to teach children not to litter (modern story)

This is a parable that all adults need to know and disseminate as widely as possible.
When my son was seven years old, and as a small family we were driving somewhere out of town, drove to a gas station, bought ice cream and go, we have fun...

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