The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan


Renewable energy records for 2015

Now is the time for renewable energy - records are updated almost every day.We decided to collect in one text the most impressive RES achievements...

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Calendar 2016

In December, a poster with a calendar "Pistadarahti - ettihazinaningbiri!" in Uzbek. Along with the 2016 calendar, the poster clearly shows the benefits of growing pistachios over other land uses.

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Forest and food security - what do they have in common?

In the Uchkuprik district of the Fergana region, a meeting of metropolitan forestry scientists with the farmers of the valley took place...

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What was the Round Table on the National Strategy of the GEF-6 SGP?

At the first discussion of the National Strategy of the PMGEF held on November 16, the Ecosan specialists responsible for the preparation of the Strategy made a presentation in which...

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What happened at the Round Table on the GEF-6 SGP National Strategy?

The GEF Small Grants Program announced a competition among NNOs for the preparation of the National Program Strategy for the 6th operational period.

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Communities connected. Where can you get new knowledge and experience for the development of local communities?

Communities Connect is a joint initiative of the GEF Civil Society Network and the UNDP GEF Small Grants Program.

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Join the Energy Globe Awards

The ENERGY GLOBE AWARD aims to present successful and sustainable projects to a global audience and demonstrate that solutions already exist for many environmental problems. Projects presented from more than 170 countries annually take part in the award.

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There are the first interim results of the project in Chirokchi

This pump was installed as temporary, to wash the well and then continue to be used, if there are problems with the main pump, which will work on solar energy.

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The long-awaited Velokvest is successfully finished!

Velokvest is not a race. The important thing is not to move and ride the bicycle fast but quickly and correctly solve problems and distribute tasks among the team members.

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