The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan


The Most Valuable Investment in Agriculture Gives the Greatest Dividends

Farming, even when it is facing challenges, is only being handled as a business activity aimed at bringing profit.

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How can a healthy desert be profitable?

If you look at Uzbekistan from space, you will see that most of the country’s surface is occupied by deserts.

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How to improve soil fertility?

Soil quality deteriorates every year. Humanity exploits the earth in order to obtain the products it needs. The problems of growing agricultural crops are solved by various types of soil cultivation.

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Geographic focus of the GEF SGP on agro-landscapes - a question for everyone

It is now important to define this territory. And that is why we turn to all possible partners.

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The first Green Business Platform meeting took place

We are pleased to announce that the first meeting of the Green Business Platform, or, in other words, the Platform for Green Business, has taken place.

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Pistachio: round table in Tashkent

Our program can rightfully be regarded as one of the driving forces behind the advancement of pistachio, an excellent dryland health restoration technology.

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Bicycles as a solution to transport and climate change

A new report proves that promoting bicycles and building bicycle infrastructure is the best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change.

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Where the Wind Is Blowing: How Renewable Energy Markets Will Change

The domination of coal and gas in the energy market, and oil in the transport market, is coming to an end.

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How to make a mini-hydroelectric power station with your own hands

If there is a small river near your home, you can use such a generator to generate clean energy.

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