The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan


Pistachio conference

The purpose of the conference is to sanctify all scientific and practical issues related to the use of this pistachio in the national economy of the country.

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Help the nature and people of Uzbekistan? There is a possibility.

The GEF SGP is looking for active people striving for creation, and not just in words, but really thinking about the welfare of the nature of Uzbekistan...

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It's just a whole combination that has folded into a chain

In an interview, Vitor Kakharchuk, director of one of the agro firms, explains his approach to agro business. And on the fingers explains what zero...

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3rd Green Business Platform Meeting

The GEF SGP continues its work on technology diffusion.

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Jumped into the next period

As planned, we held our meeting to familiarize our partners with our plans, tasks, vision for the next period. This is the period of our work in the new cycle of the GEF from 2016-2019.

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Another jump of

Together with our good partners - NGO Center for Support of Entrepreneurship and Farming - we have planned to hold a round table, where we will explain everything simply and clearly, and answer...

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There is a great example. Let's use

Why, given such a wonderful experience, are we so slow going along the path of rational use of our natural resources?

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2nd meeting of Green Business Platform

The technology of creating commercial pistachio plantations in arid foothills will be presented as a success story.

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The Most Valuable Investment in Agriculture Gives the Greatest Dividends

Farming, even when it is facing challenges, is only being handled as a business activity aimed at bringing profit.

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