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in Uzbekistan

The first Green Business Platform meeting took place

We are pleased to announce that the first meeting of the Green Business Platform, or, in other words, the Platform for Green Business, has taken place.

We started to announce this platform in social networks, but we would like to say a few words on our website as well. First, let me tell you what it is.

This is a joint initiative of several partners, namely the UzbekUzbek-Korean University in Tashkent (INHA), the IT company, the Alternative Energy Club, created by the graduates of the Uzbek-Japanese Center, and our program.

In fact, it is a platform for dialogue, where all possible partners exchange thoughts, ideas on how to find opportunities for the implementation and promotion of "green" technologies in mass production and consumption through the involvement of business. We can say that somewhere we continue the work, which was initiated by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, to promote innovative technologies in life. We only have it a little simpler and more informal.

So what exactly are we doing? This site brings together those who have proposals for green technologies and practices, and they are looking for partners to jointly implement such proposals. It is best to explain everything using the example of a past meeting. So, the first meeting took place and this is what it was:

First, they gave the floor to a respected inventor who wants at least something of his developments to come true and come true - Samson Iosifovich Umansky. We have already tried to help him in this matter more than once. Just out of respect for age, perseverance and his merits. Samson Iosifovich talked about his idea, when with the help of a simple electric motor, its small alteration, and connection to a source of motion - a wind or water rotating element, it is possible to make an electricity generator from such an electric motor. He has an idea and calculations on how to do it. We need to find partners who could make a prototype and, if successful, launch it into production. After all, we have a lot of options when farmers can use such an installation for their needs. And of course there will be a demand for such installations.

download S. I. Umansky’s presentation

The next presenter was Intellect Dialog, which is a manufacturer of equipment for alternative energy in Uzbekistan. The company presented a new technology for heating greenhouses, without the use of hydrocarbon fuels. Those. you don't need coal or gas. The greenhouse can be heated with solar heat. This heating system in a greenhouse is called a "vegetarian". How it's done? During the day, the air in the greenhouse heats up and rises to the top of the greenhouse. From there, it is taken through pipes and driven underground by fans. The warm air heats up the earth and the sand absorbing element, which then gradually releases the heat back into the greenhouse. All that is required is to properly lay pipes, a ventilation system and pump warm air into the ground, as well as a properly organized heat exchange system. The operation of the fans for pumping warm air requires several Watt * h of energy per fan. That's not a lot. It is possible to provide a continuous supply of current for such fans through an energy storage system (inverter + battery) or a small solar power plant, which will allow a constant current for this system.

Director of Intellect-Dialogue company makes a presentation on vegetarianism

Now the Intellect-Dialogue company is looking for partners and invites the owners of greenhouses to organize trial greenhouses, and also invites investors to create joint greenhouses.

download a presentation on vagetarianism from the Intellect-Dialogue company.

The next speaker was a team from the Institute of Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan to create the production of biological products for agriculture. Gulnara Dzhumaniyazova made a speech and presented the scientific developments of the Institute, which were tested and proved to be necessary, promising and beneficial for improving the productivity of agricultural systems, but which need to be widely implemented. In order to implement them, you need to start production. Our program is already helping in the construction of such a small scale production for Serhosil. But other industries and capacity building are also required. This requires investors. The Institute is looking for such investors.

Gulnara Jumaniyazova

download Gulnara Jumaniyazova’s presentation

Then a success story was presented on the platform - the story of how an ordinary farm was able to solve its problems with a new technology - biogas, and with this technology turned into a thriving farm. Vladimir Ivanovich Pogrebenny, a farmer from the Syrdarya region, and Lilia Vasilyevna Zavyalova, a leading specialist in Uzbekistan on low-carbon development, also spoke and answered many questions about the existing problems of this technology.

Vladimir Pogrebenny and Lilia Zavyalova answer questions.

download biogas presentation

In general, there were a lot of questions, and judging by the interest from the audience, the speeches did indeed raise important issues.

We hope that this initiative will become permanent and will repeat the superstar StarUpMix, the idea of which is copied by this platform, but only on green technology issues.

Rakhmatullo Shodiev, an entrepreneur from the Fergana region, who we hope to speak at the next Green Business Platform meetings. He built a micro-hydroelectric station and this technology is very important for Uzbekistan.

Farmer Abdumurod Ashurov from Kashkadarya region makes comments and asks questions about vegetarianism. He shares his experience on passive greenhouses.

We ask everyone to send their feedback to us or on the platform's Facebook page. We will also be glad if you invite businessmen and potential investors to the next meetings, as well as offer your ideas for green technologies that can be offered to the business sector.