The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

Project of mini-energetic installations for rural people

The project objective is to introduce the alternative energy installations in different settlements of the country. The residents need energy. People need to heat their houses and prepare food and thus in order to meet their needs they don’t think and cut everything around. The new project is being initiated in order to stop it somehow.

The project territory consists of 5 target settlements in different regions of the Republic:

Kumyshkan settlement, Tashkent region. The buffer zone of Chatkal reserve.

Ukhum settlement, Djizak region. The buffer zone of Nuratau reserve.

Karapchi settlement, Samarkand region. The buffer zone of Zarafshan reserve.

Gilan settlement, Kashkadaryo region. The buffer zone of Ghissar reserve

Tallyk settlement, the Republic of Karakalpakstan. The buffer zone of Badai-tugai reserve.

The projects will promote the introduction of small-scale, cheap, alternative and energy efficient technologies. The introduction of these technologies in these districts will enable to reduce the consumption of firewood and will lead to more rational consumption of energy and, therefore to the decrease of greenhouse gas emission.

Besides the main objective of developing the simple and cheap energy for rural people, the project will directly contribute to the reduction of pressing both on reserve zones and on reserves in whole. In other words, the project will contribute to the preservation of biodiversity through the preservation of trees and shrubs.

Please see the project application below. Currently, the project proposal has been approved by our Committee.

download project proposal (in Russian)

download description of available models ready to be introduced to rural people (in Russian)

Guys who are implementing the project have their own page on the site of Youth Environmental Network of Uzbekistan. And it is a very interesting page. Please read it and you will not regret.

Also the project have already issued their first publication. Please, find it below in the section “Publications”

Let’s make alternative together!

It is a title of a brochure-instruction, prepared by our project. In this brochure you will find a clear and detailed description and a scheme of how to make a briquette press, a solar oven of 2 types, energy efficient oven to heat your home, micro hydro station, how to insulate windows and how to compost waste. Widespread is welcome. The more people will know and do it, the more benefits we will bring the planet. We hope for your assistance in distribution.

Download in 2 MB in Russian (lower size, download faster but quality is not so good)

Download in 7 MB in Russian (bigger size, download longer but has better quality)

If you need a perfect quality, you can request us and we will record it to the disc and send it to you.

Besides on our web site you also can find news on the project. Here are some of them:

How little Victoria made a bricket press within 1 hour

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