The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

Under Consideration

Greenhouses with combined heating system

This project aims to demonstrate possible low carbon alternatives energy supply for greenhouse farms.

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Creation of a botanical garden of indigenous plant species in Samarkand

Within the Samarkand region, a project is planned to create a nursery for the propagation of rare and endemic plant species.

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The DNA laboratory is an example of a high-tech business for wildlife conservation.

This project is aimed at preventing illegal actions towards wild animals by creating a DNA laboratory to test and determine their genotypes.

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Will we save our sturgeons?

A project is being planned in the Khorezm National Park to preserve our sturgeon species - two species of Amu Darya pseudoshovel.

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Photovoltaic power stations for small business - office and shop

We have received an application from the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The idea is to see how fast the payback of photovoltaic stations (FES) for two types of small businesses - offices and shops.

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