The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

Economical greenhouses for Khorezm residents

Problem climate of Khorezm region (low rainfall, severe and long winter), as well as problems with energy resources (gas shortage, high cost of coal, deforestation for firewood) urges a group of initiators to consider the issue. getting vegetables as an alternative in the winter, regardless of the availability of familiar energy resources.

In March 2012, in the framework of the IMU in Urgench, the Global Environment Facility (GEJ KGD) Small Grants Program and our partner UNDP project "Support to Uzbekistan in the transition to a low-carbon economy" . economy ”biogas demonstration center opened As part of these activities, a training course on biogas production and use was prepared to train farmers and other stakeholders in Khorezm and Karakalpakstan. The presence of a working biogas plant encourages the university and its partners, in the NGO KRASS, to consider one of the most useful and expedient areas of biogas use - greenhouse heating.

After considering the idea of ​​demonstrating greenhouse heating with biogas, they thought about how to make greenhouse energy more independent. The goal was also to test a solar greenhouse. The same structure is promoted in another project by the GEF SGPChamber of Commerce. But since Khorezm is a colder region, it was decided to additionally heat the solar greenhouse with briquettes. The briquettes are made from biomass waste, which is common in university educational institutions, using a briquette press tested in small energy devices in another GEF SGP project. The briquettes are burned in a conventional furnace, but are again improved by the same GEF SGP project in small power plants.

Thus, the proposed project idea is to demonstrate and teach farmers the successful operation of greenhouses and the use of alternative energy sources (solar and biogas) to grow vegetables and leafy vegetables and herbs throughout the year.

For this purpose, it is planned to build two types of energy-saving greenhouses for demonstration and educational purposes in Yangibazar district of Khorezm region, on the territory of URDU educational farm, where many innovative ideas are being implemented. A biogas plant with a reactor of 10 m3 and producing about 17-20 cubic meters of biogas per day with continuous operation.

Of course, in addition to the exhibition, the project plans to promote this practice among farmers in Khorezm region.

We hope that the project will help local farmers solve their problems of energy shortages and heating of greenhouses for growing greenhouse crops, especially in winter.

Download project document and project budget in zipped form