The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan


Those who play an important role in implementation of the GEF SGP in Uzbekistan?

Small Grants Programme of Global Environment Facility (GEF SGP) in Uzbekistan advertises vacancies.

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How the activists of YEN littered plastic bags and drank from disposable cups

On 20th of February in school #7 of Yangibazar village of Tashkent region, a regular event organized by the GEF SGP and Youth Environmental Network of Uzbekistan (YENUz) was held.

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The probability to preserve Ramsar territories

If there are people who are not indifferent to preservation of water-boggy lands as one of the most important places of inhabitation for many birds and animals, they have a chance to do something.

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Competition of TV, video and radio commercials

The GEF Small Grants Program (GEF SGP) announces a competition for the best television, video and radio spots on climate change, biodiversity conservation and land degradation.

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We help to save trees – products made of recyclable materials

We present a new promo-production of our Programme to your consideration. The whole production is made of recycled materials in order to preserve trees of our Planet.

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A brochure “Let it always be…” has come home to Tashkent province

There were 5 teams which had to overcome several entertaining contests and learn many new things about the Environment.

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We have a new competition ...

And we have a new race. Storytelling Contest - "How I Help Nature." Find out more here.

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Briefing for journalists was held

On December 15, 2009 a briefing for journalists dedicated to climate change was held in the building of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

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A contest of ideas for “Eco-souvenirs”

Small Grants Programme of Global Environment Facility (GEF SGP) in Uzbekistan together with the website “Advertising in Uzbekistan” has launched a contest for the best idea for “Eco-souvenirs”

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